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Tarot Cards Reading Step By Step Guide | Tarot Life

Tarot card reading has been an ancient practice to help individuals with their funds, connections, and individual prosperity. Since ancient times, individuals have been counseling with tarot experts to acquire understanding about different phases of life.

It's surprising how the vivid structure of tarot have captivated individuals for a long time. The cards have provoked the interest of individuals and enabled them to be familiar with this mystic art.

Be that as it may, finding out about cards and its meanings need a ton of tolerance and hard-work. Reading tarot cards may be baffling for any learner. Although there are easy ways like free online Tarot Life app which allows you to get knowledge without getting intimidated from tarot complexities. With this, you get the privilege to pick a card and know all the life events.

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card readings are a standout amongest the most prevalent apparatuses of divination. Tarot cards are utilized to explain the individual's life whether previously or the future. Every card in the tarot deck has a particular significance and is intended to recount to an anecdote about an individual's life.

How A Tarot Deck Is Formed?

On the off chance that you need to purchase a deck, at that point you should know what should be in a good tarot deck and how it is formed.

A customary tarot deck of 78 cards has two sets- Major Arcana and Minor Arcana card. In Major arcana, there are 22 cards while in minor arcana the number increases to 56.

Let us begin with step by step tarot reading for Minor Arcana.


The Minor Arcana includes four unique suits:

  •  A Suit of Cups
  •  A Suit of Pentacles
  •  A Suit of Swords
  •  A suit of Wands.

Every Minor Arcana suit has 14 cards - four court cards and numbered from one to ten.

The 4 court cards are- the Page, Knight, Queen, and King.


The Major Arcana comprises of a set of 22 cards. Every image of the Major Arcana is engraved with some portrayals that share insights about the querent’s life. The Major Arcana speaks to the real occasions and examples and s[eaks of the different stages of life.

It might appear to be convoluted to peruse and decipher tarot cards. But, the step by step tarot card reading guide can assist you with tarot cards, and offer the most proficient method to get an accurate tarot reading.

Tarot Reading Guide for Every Learner

Tarot Cards Reading Step By Step Guide for Every Learner

With a brief idea about tarot and its readings, you need to take note of that perusing tarot. Reading tarot cards is not as easy as you think. It needs a great deal of perusing, persistence, and comprehension. If you are seeking to utilize tarot cards for yourself, at that point you must be straightforward with every understanding that will come.


Choosing the right deck is an important aspect of tarot card reading and learning. Although you may purchase your own deck, you need to take care of the following things:

  • While perusing for tarot cards, pick the one that provokes your advantage.
  • Look at the pictures and shades and choose the card which interests you more.
  • On the off chance that you are only a novice, at that point pick a deck which seems basic and can give you the detailed information.

Checking images is as important as buying the deck. Take a look at the steps before you choose the right image for the deck cards :

  • Invest your energy by giving understandings about the pictures.
  • Listen to what picture shares? How the picture gives an initial introduction? Do you spruce up any connection with images?
  • By doing this, you can invest energy with every tarot cards You can decipher these cards later on.

Day by day perusing of your tarot cards is a good practice to learn tarot. Try to not peruse the majority of your cards, however, pick one card and practice it daily.


Numerous sites and tarot books recommend learning Celtic Cross Spread. But reading a Celtic Cross Spread can be troublesome and confusing for you as a beginner. An option would be the Three-Card Spread. This Spread is well known among novices who need to complete a speedy perusing.


Keep on becoming familiar with the tarot cards utilizing the book that goes with the deck. Concentrate its significance, and learn to interpret cards correctly. You may use Tarot Life, a free tarot card reading guide for tarot cards in an easy and interactive way. It has been my sagacious mate to learn tarot and its meanings.


It's futile to remember tarot card and its meanings. Try not to weight yourself in remembering your tarot cards. Understand to interpret it for accurate future predictions.


As an apprentice, you need to make it straightforward and shrewd. Perusing tarot can end up muddled, which can cause you to lose intrigue. Begin with straightforward spreads and strategies to enable you to study tarot cards.

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